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We want to tell the world about the wonders of Japan

In March 2005, we published a “Tokyo Tourist Guide – Traditional Chinese Edition” to deliver our information to travelers coming from Taiwan and Hong Kong.  In addition to Tokyo regions, we now publish Kansai Tourist Guide in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.  The huge circulation proves its popularity among travelers.

Since 2007, we have been accredited by various medias such as newspapers, magazines, bus, MRT, bus shelter & TV, Internet in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea.  We made our debut as an advertising company to carry out INBOUND corporate sales & marketing activities in the above mentioned regions.  With “the Tourist Map Series”, we are capable of carrying out PR campaigns with impressive achievements for our clients.

In future, we aim at acting as a powerful global communication channel in Japan, demonstrating the charms of the country to the world.

Staffs of Infinity Communications Co. Ltd.

Company Philosophy

We adopt a proactive philosophy and work together with our clients as a team, targeting for success in their respective markets.

Principles of Action

  1. 1.Intelligence/Cultivates intellect and conveys valuable information
  2. 2.Challenge / We are always the challengers!
  3. 3.Speed / Speed is everything!

Corporate Profile

Infinity Communications publishes pocket-size sightseeing map of japan regions including Tokyo, Yokohama, Tokai, and Kansai in both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.  The huge circulation proves its popularity among travelers.
Moreover, Infinity Communications is accredited by various media such as newspapers, magazines, bus, MRT, bus shelter  & TV, Internet, etc. in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea.
Being an experienced advertising agency in East Asian region, Infinity Communications is fully accredited by medias in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. Our mission is to give our clients a clearer and broader picture of the Asian market. We'll work together with you as a team, ensuring that your marketing campaign will be carried out with impressive achievements.

Company Infinity Communications
Address TOHTAM Bldg. 2F,3-10-5,Shibuya,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo150-0002,Japan
Access Map
TEL / 03-6712-6157 FAX / 03-6712-6158
Access 5-minute walk from East exit of Shibuya station (JR, Tokyo metro, Tokyu and Keio lines)
4-minute walk from New south exit of Shibuya station (JR line)
Office in Shanghai A10, 8F HengTong Road, ZhaBei Qu, Shanghai China
TEL / +86-21-6280-0102 FAX / +86-21-6280-0102

Representative Representative director Shiro Horie
Establishment 5, April, 2007
What we do
  • Publish pocket-size Japan sightseeing map
  • Assist in formulating and executing sales & marketing plans
  • Handle INBOUND corporate sales & marketing activities in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea as well as Southeast Asia Regions.
  • Design WEB contents (Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English, others)
Members Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)
International Tourism Center of Japan (ITCJ)
Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB)
Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau (YCVB)
Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau (NCVB)
Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau (OCTB)
Asia Inbound Sightseeing Organization (AISO)
Japan Inbound Media Consortium (JIMC)
Assigned as Sightseeing Coordinator of Yamagata Prefecture
Sightseeing Adviser of Yamagata Shinjo City

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